Monica Ashley | Circle of Hands

There  are several wonderful curriculums available to parents these days.   Monica has worked through The Christopherus Curriculum, Oak Meadow  Curriculum, and The Live Education Curriculum.

Monica’s  role is to provide support to the parent and child as they go through  their homeschooling journey. She works closely with parents and helps  to create a lasting and positive experience for the whole family. She  helps with planning a consistent rhythm for the week. She provides  individual tutoring for main lesson, math or language arts, handwork,  and art lessons.


Kelseyville Unified School District

Kelseyville Unified School District, founded in 1921, is the second largest of seven districts located in Lake County, California. The District serves the town of Kelseyville and which includes the Big Valley area, Soda Bay, the Buckingham peninsula, the Riviera and up to the crest of Cobb Mountain. The community and surrounding area is known for its pears, walnuts, an award winning wine industry, tourism that includes summer water activities on Clear Lake, and local Indian casinos. Lake County also claims the best air quality in California!

The District is made up of six active school sites, a seventh additional alternative day school which was established in the spring of 2002, and a historical site affectionately referred to as Hells Bend. The District office is located at 4410 Konocti Road, Kelseyville CA.


Magellan College Counseling

You have a college-bound child! You must be feeling excited and terrified at the same time. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.


Unitarian Universalist Community of Lake County

UUCLC is a faith community that offers a warm, open and supportive environment for spiritual exploration and community service. Services are held every Sunday at 11:00 am

every Sunday at the Kelseyville Community United Methodist Church, located 3810 Main Street in Kelseyville.